Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Little Princess!!!

This is the first layout that I ever did since my confinement was over. This little girl came popping out of my tummy and finally she is on my page. It's amazing now that I have to be the last person standing when everyone else ran out of ideas in trying to keep her entertained or stop her from crying. Well, I guess it just comes naturally when the little one is finally your very own.
I had always liked pink. And whenever it comes to pink, I can always think of so many other colours that can match it. Here, I did it with pink and green. I kept to this circle theme, with the circular die cut paper that matches perfectly with the polka dots. Oh, talking about polka dots. It's one of my favourite patterned paper to use. Why? It is easy to match and it is not just a boring plain cardstock.

In this piece, I tried to put in many pictures I have. Pretty difficult, as the photographs already took up a lot of space. I thought maybe I should have printed 2R photographs to avoid such a problem. On the other hand, I guess it was good to try out different ideas after all. (Sounded more like self comforting.)
The background is a transparency on an off-white cardstock. This is the only 'coloured' cardstock that I can think of to make the few pink dots on the transparency sheet stand out.
Any opinions on these layout of mine? I would love to hear from you. =)

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