Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My 'Japan' Album

Here open up this album below and you'll enter Japan. =)

I was in Japan in 2006 during winter. I have always loved the creativity of the Japanese. Just look at the details they put in in all their product packaging and industrial design. They simply made you want to buy everything home from Japan. Not only today, their traditional 'kimono' is so beautiful and elegant, decades or even centuries ago. And talking about their food...

... yummy yum yum. The Japanese sashimi is also one of my favourite food in my list. Their desserts are simply delicious. Wish I could stay there for a few years to immerse in their culture and feast in their meticulously prepared dishes. And a must try chocolate is the brand Royce from Hokkaido. Especially the bitter favour one. Simply yummylicious. The only chocolate that will make the least sweet tooth person want to open the fridge.

Hence, I tried to come up with this album of mine to remember all the wonderful things that happened in Japan. It's an 8 x 8 album. Took me a real long while to get this done up before I delivered my girl.

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