Friday, October 30, 2009

I love to render

That day, I was trying to clear away some of my old stuff that I had stacked away for a number of years. All my previous art work finally got uncovered.

I recalled those days when I used to hate rendering. I always thought I am no good in colouring be it colour pencil, rendering pen or even paint. But, two persons actually made me like it. When I was in secondary school, I met a very demading art teacher who made sure that all our painting has to come out presentable before it is accepted as a submission. And her favourite tasks were to paint fruits and various vegetables, pails and bottles and all kinds of static displays. It was tough, until one day when she demonstrated using my piece to show me how I can use various strokes and colours to make it more real life looking. Suddenly, I decided painting may be fun. Then came along my interior design coach who taught us rendering techniques using a combination of mediums. This allowed me to create different texture on my art work. And finally I see light or should I say, colours.

Of course, it can't be done within a day. It took me years to move from my art teacher's teaching to my ID coach's and through flipping many many ID and rendering books before I can understand more about rendering. Though I'm still not an expert, but a simple piece of work wouldn't harm me anymore.

If it wasn't for them, my work would have always been like this...

However, today...

I was glad I never gave up on colours.

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