Friday, July 31, 2015

I miss you!!!

It's been so long that I almost forgotten my blog. Work is hectic, other times, busy with my two darlings, including trying to squeeze time out for some craft work. That explains the missing in action. Though I wasn't active here online, I'm pretty happy that I managed to get some projects going.

I shall post starting with my latest project.

Project 1: Design goodie bags for my little girl's birthday. An owl goodie bag.

The challenging part of this project is to make the steps as simple as I can, so that I can teach my 6 yo to help make it. Secondly, it should not take up too much time. (My hubby said people would just throw them away.) I still insist that I will do it, it's therapeutic and my 6 yo will be delighted.

Project 2: Set up a sweets and snacks table for my little girl's birthday party.
My girl and I decided her party has to be memorable and cozy. Hence, we have a smal party and invited three other families to join us. I was thinking to have a birthday party mood, a nice table setup would help. So here we have.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Altered Albums from Franc Franc ....

It's the altering season. Hahah.. totally having fun with altering various things. Now... the photo albums!!! Tadaaaaa. Personalised christmas gift ideas.

A-clay is fun!!!

Look at my creation, based on memory of what I see at the store. I did not buy the animal set, hence, got to create out of imagination. What do you think?

 Giraffe with no ears!!!

Shabby Lion!!!

Colour within the line... ...

My girl finally knows how to colour within the line... ...

Altered Photo Frame as Thank you gift!!

I altered this photo frame that I got from Ikea for a colleague of mine. She made a lovely cake (see the photo below) for my son. I hope she opens a bakery soon and display this frame in it. By the way, the photo frame is inspired by a display at local scrapbook store.

It's holiday time!!! Get ready your suitcases!

Recently, I went to a scrapbooking class, altering suitcases. Altered 3 suitcases in all, S, M and L. Then, I went crazy over altering suitcases and decided to make them for my friends as Christmas Pressies. Haha.


Some pictures of the boxes made in class.

After class inspiration: These are the ones I designed.
Suitcase 1: For Carol

Suitcase 2: For Chitra

Suitcase 3: For Myself...
However, done with 1 side. Hahah, to be continued.

No more Lomo for me... Or I am at Lomo pace.

It's been so so long since I had last written here. Probably I'm at the 'Lomo' pace. Well, decided to give up my Lomo cam, as I realised that I totally had no time to develop the photos and fuse them with my scrapbooking projects. I guess I would wait till I have the luxury of time to Lomo... ...

The good news is old "hobbies" die hard. I am back to scrapbooking again. Within a short span of 2 months, I finished a fair bit of altered art for my friends. Here you go...

Project 1: Mini Accordion Album.

After a long break, I missed scrapping and decided to watch youtube videos for inspiration. This is my first set of artwork since my absence, 3 mini accordion album from 3 sheets of 12" by 12" patterned. This is simple to make and is especially good as gifts for friends. Make these into a little book of quotes by writing the quotes on the tags and on the pages to inspire others. They looked so cute, I love them. You can also leave this as a table display by just leaving it on your work desk. I had so much fun making them.

Project 2: Treat boxes.
Moving on, I watched another video on youtube to make lil' treat boxes for a party. You can use this to decorate the party table or hang them up as decor.

Project 3: Altered Tin Box for my sister!!!
My sister got a white tin box as a wedding favour. And I was like 'shall I try to transform it?' And here it is. Used Washi tape to do most of the transformation.
Project 4: More altered tin boxes!!!
Got addicted to altering tin boxes after Project 3. Kekeke. Hence, I altered the tin boxes that used to contain my brads and other embellishments. I am so pleased. I guessed these required less time to make, that's why I like it.