Monday, October 4, 2010

Time flies... ... ... ...

Life passes by real rapidly over the last three weeks.

My motivation.
Just stopped along the path, take a deep breath and check out the date, it's already October 2010. Only 1 month away from my Kyushu trip. This trip has been the 'talk' of the year between my dear friend Carol and me. The planning, coordinating work, collecting of payments is all finally coming to an end in less than 40 days' time. Kyushu - the motivation that has driven Carol and me, kept our passion alive. We, Carol and I, are so looking forward to the trip. Together, we want to make great memories. With those who are coming along with us, an unforgettable one too.

Fish ‘feeding’ frenzy.
After we put the first capsule of the pellets into the pond at Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG), we decided that the fishes were just too hungry and that we needed to give them more. This marks the beginning of our family's fish ‘feeding’ frenzy episode. Still wondering if this is an ‘okay’ thing to do in this seemingly over-populated pond. I will find out more before this gets out of hand...

Lomography. “Don’t Think, Just Shoot”. It's lomo-lomo time!!! states that lomography is all about having fun while taking good pictures. Check out the 10 golden rules to help you lomo.

*scratch head* I thought all we need to do is to just shoot? What is considered good? Is it important to know what a good picture is? Do we really need golden rules??? Hmmm ... guess the rules probably help you to think out of the 'square' (the viewfinder). Kekeke.

Well, this is my newly taken up hobby to top up my love for scrapping. I wonder what I can do to marry scrapbooking with lomo-lomo. Took out my very first lomo-cam and tried taking some shots yesterday. However, one has to be patient in this lomo-lomo world. Firstly, you have to finish the entire roll of film in your lomo-cam. Pictures then take lomo-lomo time to be processed the lomo-lomo way, before they appear as 'lomograph' (photographs taken by lomo-cam???).

The lomo-lomo way is to send the film to the photo labs and get them processed into negatives, then you can decide if you would want the pictures to be developed into 3R or 4R hardcopies or etc. And finally, I guess the 'lomograph' will be ready for their marriage with the scrapbook.

Now, I'm only half-way into the roll. Hence, I will only be able to see them in probably another few weeks time. If all of them turned out overexposed / all black, would they be considered good pictures? Hahaha... I should think so right. The lomo experts say 'just shoot' ya?

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Found this really nice garden for my little girl who is already wobbling her way around our legs. She loves the suspension bridge in the garden so much such that we have to drag her away with her wailing at her highest note. She is especially happy when the entire bridge goes into oscillations. Hahaha. This garden is a really nice place for little children who are eagerly waiting to explore and examine things around them. Many activity centres are built in such a way that they are just at these kiddies’ eye level and reach. We have all decided that we would want to come back again. We simply fell in love with this place.