Thursday, November 22, 2012

No more Lomo for me... Or I am at Lomo pace.

It's been so so long since I had last written here. Probably I'm at the 'Lomo' pace. Well, decided to give up my Lomo cam, as I realised that I totally had no time to develop the photos and fuse them with my scrapbooking projects. I guess I would wait till I have the luxury of time to Lomo... ...

The good news is old "hobbies" die hard. I am back to scrapbooking again. Within a short span of 2 months, I finished a fair bit of altered art for my friends. Here you go...

Project 1: Mini Accordion Album.

After a long break, I missed scrapping and decided to watch youtube videos for inspiration. This is my first set of artwork since my absence, 3 mini accordion album from 3 sheets of 12" by 12" patterned. This is simple to make and is especially good as gifts for friends. Make these into a little book of quotes by writing the quotes on the tags and on the pages to inspire others. They looked so cute, I love them. You can also leave this as a table display by just leaving it on your work desk. I had so much fun making them.

Project 2: Treat boxes.
Moving on, I watched another video on youtube to make lil' treat boxes for a party. You can use this to decorate the party table or hang them up as decor.

Project 3: Altered Tin Box for my sister!!!
My sister got a white tin box as a wedding favour. And I was like 'shall I try to transform it?' And here it is. Used Washi tape to do most of the transformation.
Project 4: More altered tin boxes!!!
Got addicted to altering tin boxes after Project 3. Kekeke. Hence, I altered the tin boxes that used to contain my brads and other embellishments. I am so pleased. I guessed these required less time to make, that's why I like it.



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